Sir George congratulates Thruxton
20 Jun 2003
Thruxton Village Hall
Thruxton Village Hall
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Thruxton War Memorial Hall Committee have had good news from the Heritage Lottery Board - a grant of £434,500 has been awarded for the Hall restoration. (See earlier News items under NW Hants, Thruxton 12/9/00 and 12/10/02)
"This is wonderful news for Thruxton. They need a modern village hall to accommodate the many events that take place in this lively village, and the existing one simply is not fit for this purpose. But because it is a listed building, they cannot do what other villages have done - knock down and rebuild. They have thoroughly investigated all the options and come up with a scheme that has found favour. The village will have to dig into its own pocket to meet the balance of the costs, and as Patron of the Appeal Fund, I look forward to helping them. "
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