Sir George meets Meridian Mouse
4 Jul 2003
Sir George with Ru Butler, the Road Manager
Sir George with Ru Butler, the Road Manager
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Meridian Broadcasting is encouraging more people to become computer literate by touring its region in the Meridian MOUSE.
The MOUSE - Mobile Online USer Experience - is a customised bus equipped with 10 computer workstations and a team of trainers who will offer free three-hour lessons on all a computer has to offer, such as surfing the internet, emailing and web chat as well as basic skills. Funded by the South East Development Agency, the Government Office for the South East and the New Opportunities Fund, the Mouse has been brokered by the Meridian Broadcasting Charitable Trust.
"This is aimed at people who have little or no knowledge of computers, and who may be unwilling or unable to undertake computer training at conventional learning centres.
For five days from Monday 30 June, the Meridian MOUSE opened its doors to those living in King Athurs Way. Parked outside the Blenheim Hall Youth Centre, it was open from Monday 30 June until Friday 4 July. I was delighted to see the bus in my constituency, focussing on an area where many people are not on line and don't have computers - and are cautious about the whole business. The Mouse helped to break down some of those fears; it provided a calm and friendly environment for the many people who looked in."
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