Sir George talks to Clatford Conservaties
5 Jul 2003
From l to r GY, Lynda Gent, Cllrs Margot Townsend and Arthur Peters
From l to r GY, Lynda Gent, Cllrs Margot Townsend and Arthur Peters
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Speaking at a Garden Party at the home of Lynda Gent, Sir George outlined some of the challenges that now confronted the Government.

"Following the recent reshuffle, there are now three more senior ex-Ministers on the backbenches, taking potshots at the Government. Robin Cook, Clare Short and Michael Meacher have joined Frank Dobson and others as independent-minded backbenchers prepared to speak out when they believe the Government have done something wrong. At the same time, other backbenchers who have never been Ministers seem more prepared to rebel over issues such as top-up fees and Foundation Hospitals. So party discipline has become more difficult.
Relationships between the Chancellor and the Prime Minister seem more tense; the Chancellor is seen to have defeated the PM over the Euro, and to be anxious to take over the Government. Thus cannot make for harmony at the top.
And then there have been other issues to make life difficult - the speech on tax rises that was never made by Peter Hain; the row over the dossiers on Iraq; the Government's retreat on Hunting with Dogs.
And with the polls showing the gap between the parties narrowing, politics is becoming exciting again."
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