Sir George welcomes proposals to lift red tape from Parish Councils
6 Jul 2003
Less red-tape for Hampshire’s parish councils.
Conservatives pledge to abolish draconian code of conduct for parish councillors

Sir George Young welcomed the news that the next Conservative Government will abolish the unpopular and heavy-handed code of conduct for parish councillors. The announcement was made by Iain Duncan Smith, at the Local Government Association’s annual conference in Harrogate.

“Many parish councillors across Hampshire have been concerned about the new draconian code of conduct which is simply disproportionate to the problem. Across the country, the number of people getting involved in parish councils has been falling because of it.
“The Code fails to distinguish between major and minor breaches. It is ridiculous to require registration of interests by parish councillors’ nephews, grandchildren and even partners of such people for small sums. This heavy-handed intervention fails to appreciate that parish councillors overwhelmingly are honest and well intentioned. I believe this Code is flawed and In am delighted that my Party will revoke it.
I value the work of parish councillors, and hope the Government will now follow suit."
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