Broadband - Good News for Dummer and Monk Sherborne
11 Jul 2003
I was delighted to hear from BT that they have again introduced 'trigger threshold' for more exchanges that don't yet have ADSL. In particular, for Dummer and Monk Sherborne exchanges the trigger has been set at 150 registrations of interest. Since both already have achieved this number, we now await a date for 'going live'.

Across the constituency as a whole the state of play now is:
ADSL Enabled:
Scheduled for ADSL:
Whitchurch - 3 September
Overton - 15 October
Weyhill - 22 October
[I suspect the rather long gestation time reflects the acceleration of BT's roll out and a shortage of resources. The latest announcement means that a total of 56 exchanges jumped into the queue overnight.]
Reached target, awaiting schedule:
Monk Sherborne

Target published:
Kingsclere - target 500, registrations 233
Abbotts Ann - target 150, registrations 71
Burghclere - target 150, registrations 69
There is a very steep hill for Kingsclere to climb - I understand that the high figure may reflect a particularly high cost to BT to install additional 'backhaul' capacity (ie increase the bandwidth between the Kingsclere exchange and the rest of the network. The targets for Abbotts Ann and Burghclere also seem high relative to the local population numbers, but I think 150 is currently the minimum trigger level for ADSL.
This leaves several exchanges not enabled, each serving fewer than 1,000 customers. I understand that at present BT has no plans to set targets for these exchanges. I will continue to campaign for wider deployment of ADSL, and for clearer and better support from the Government to address the broadband gap. However I feel that constituents served by the smaller exchanges, and who need and want broadband, would be well advised to start active discussions with local authorities and the regional development agency regarding alternatives to ADSL.
For information and links please see my broadband campaign pages.
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