Andover Cricket Club clears another hurdle on funding
15 Jul 2003
Sir George has received a letter from Sport England, confirming that Andover Cricket Club's application for funds has gone forward to the next stage.
"This is excellent news, and I very much hope that they will have a clear round and able to make progress with the imaginative project to rebuild the pavilion at their cricket ground." See below:

14 July 2003

Dear Sir George

Andover Cricket Club

I am writing to update you about Andover Cricket Club. You may be aware that it has applied for Sport England funding.

Sport England Council met on 10 July to discuss our funding situation. I am happy to inform you that Sport England Council has decided this project is one that appears to meet the organisation's new business objectives and should be supported so far as is possible. However, the final decision on whether an award from Lottery funds will be made, and the exact level of an award, will now be decided by the relevant Sport England regional office. Sean Holt, Sport England Director for South East region, will be in contact with this project shortly to discuss the process going forwards. This decision was taken after a thorough review process that looked at a variety of issues including how well projects meet our new strategic and business priorities, increased project costs and an assessment of deliverability.

In December 2002, Sport England announced that it was reviewing around 250 projects that had yet to be awarded final grants. Sport England is under a duty to consider what level of forward commitment of Lottery funds is prudent and appropriate in the light of income flows. Our review of applications was carried out in accordance with that duty.

Sport England is doing its best to ensure our own house is in order. We are in the middle of a fundamental restructure that will result in a significant reduction in our overheads and more funding going direct to sport. Our staff numbers are being reduced by half, and our Lottery application process will be greatly simplified by the end of this year, with much more focus placed on local and regional sporting needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact your Regional Director if you require further assistance on this matter.

Yours sincerely

Roger Draper
Chief Executive
Sport England

16 Upper Woburn Place, London WC1H 0QP
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