Local school raises funds
19 Jul 2003
It was back to the fifties and sixties at John Hanson School as the Durham based group "At the Hop" performed hits by Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and others.
The PTA was helping to raise £50,000 - see extract from programme below.
Keith Wells was Master of Ceremonies and Bob Humphries organised the Tombola. The PTA Committee organised the event as a whole.

"John Hanson Community School is working in partnership with Harrow Way and Winton to gain Specialist School status - a key part of the Government’s strategy for improving education. There is a complex bidding process underway, with an application deadline in October. If we are successful, our specialism will be Science. Harrow Way’s will be Performing Arts, and Winton’s Technology. The three schools have a long history of working together for the benefit of the young people of Andover, and a key attraction of specialist status is the financial support that would be made available to enable us to provide improved resources and facilities for our all students. Indeed, children in our primary and special schools, and students going on to Cricklade College, would benefit directly as well.
The three Governing Bodies began giving consideration to the possibility of a specialist school bid at the start of this academic year. While many schools around the country are in a similar position, what is less commonplace is the way in which John Hanson School is working hand in hand with Winton and Harrow Way to submit co-ordinated bids to the Government. This partnership is only possible because of the close working relationship that exists between the three secondary schools.
In order for the three schools’ bids to have a chance of success, we will need to raise £150,000 between us. This can only happen with the support and generosity of the local business sector and the people of Andover. The attraction of raising this amount of money is that the Government does not simply match it, they do so on a ten to one basis. In other words, our £150,000 will be transformed into an additional £1.5 million for the young people of Andover!
Everyone involved with the project will be happy to discuss it in more detail with parents, and supporters in the local community. By being a part of these two evenings, you are already making an important contribution to our fund-raising. If you feel that you might be able to help us further, we would be keen to hear from you."
Steve Evatt

Steve Evatt - Headteacher at John Hanson School  - with Aurelia Young
Steve Evatt - Headteacher at John Hanson School - with Aurelia Young
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A warm George Young with the Mayor of Test Valley, Cllr Pat West
A warm George Young with the Mayor of Test Valley, Cllr Pat West
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