Sir George visits site of proposed Telecommunications Mast
9 Aug 2003
Airwave MM02 have applied for planning mermission for a temporary mast in Bishops Green, near a site of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
Sir George met Antonia Francis and some of the residents of Bishops Green who are opposing the application.
"The proposed mast is 26.8 metres high - considerably higher than the highest tree in the middle of the picture, which it would be next to.
Government policy, which I support, is to promote mast sharing, and I understand that owners of other masts in the immediate neighbourhood would be hapy to share their sites.
Nor is it clear to me that the applicants have searched for better sites than this particular one - including sites that are not in a dip, like this one. I have therefore asked Basingstoke & Deane Council to send this application to the Committee to be resolved, rather than doing it under delegated powers."
Sir George with Bishops Green residents
Sir George with Bishops Green residents
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