Basingstoke and Test Valley seek 'Broadband Champions'
22 Aug 2003
If you live or work in an area in the constituency which is not scheduled for ADSL broadband or you are too far from your exchange, my advice has been to join or start a local community campaign to bring broadband to your community.

Now both Basingstoke and Deane and Test Valley, the two local councils whose areas include parts of my constituency, are actively seeking to identify such local campaigns and to work with local champions to make sure broadband does get delivered as widely as possible. They are working with the Wired Wessex initiative to make sure their communities get good value from the grant funding and other support that we are expecting to be announced soon.

If you are aware of an existing local campaign or would like to get one going you are invited to email the Broadband Wessex campaign at:

If your local campaign has a website or a contact address please also let me know so that I can included it in my own broadband and other relevant pages here.
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