Local MP told to wait for an answer on AWE Recreation Society
15 Sep 2003
Sir George has been in touch with Ministers at the Ministry of Defence for six weeks, asking them to review their decision to remove the Alcohol Licence from the Rec Soc in Aldermaston as from Jan 1st 2004. (See FAQ September 15th for background.)

The Minister has had ample time to let me know what his answer is, but he is simply playing for time.

I have today (September 15th) heard from Lord Bach's Office at the Ministry of Defence. He says "he is sorry that I have not been able to send you a substantive reply, and can fully appreciate how high feelings must be running on the matter in your constituency. I have asked my officials to look into the matter in some detail, and I will write to you again in some detail."
This is not good enough. His officials have had nearly six weeks since I first wrote to look into the matter, and we are now no further on. I am writing back expressing disappointment and asking for a prompt and sympathetic reply.
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