Symmetric Broadband launch confirms rural disadvantage
30 Sep 2003
This month BT has announced a 'symmetric broadband' (SDSL) service aimed at small firms and teleworkers who need better broadband performance. Unlike the now familiar ADSL, this provides the same speed upstream (from home or office to the Internet) as downstream, with performance levels up to 2 megabits per second in both directions.

The announcement, limited initially to one hundred 'metropolitan' exchanges, with a further 50 to follow, confirms my expectation that the campaign for rural broadband needs a longer term strategic perspective as well as our current focus on simply getting ADSL or an equivalent service to all our villages and outlying areas. Our rural areas need small firms and teleworkers; they need excellent telecommunications just as much in rural areas as in the cities - if not more so!

My link is to the BT news release.
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