Questioning the Countryside Agency rural broadband report
3 Oct 2003
Published September 2003
Published September 2003
While I welcome the recent report by the Countryside Agency, reviewing some thirteen projects to bring broadband to local communities that are 'off the broadband map', I think it needs to be read with care, and with an understanding of some issues it fails to address.

At a general level, I continue to question whether expecting our smallest and most dispersed communities to find the talents, time and resources to bring together their own solution is an appropriate strategy to secure deployment of a service that we all regard as essential. And I'm concerned about some more practical aspects, such as what happens when (as is likely) some technological or marketplace change brings competition to these small, locally managed initiatives from outside competitors.

You can read my reservations here, where there is also a link to the Agency where you can download a copy of the report.
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Next news: Symmetric Broadband launch confirms rural disadvantage

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