Sir George addresses Fringe Meeting on Voter Engagement
7 Oct 2003
GY, Sam Younger, Ann Widdecombe, Clare Ettinghausen (Director, Hansard Society)
GY, Sam Younger, Ann Widdecombe, Clare Ettinghausen (Director, Hansard Society)
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The Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Sam Younger, chaired a fringe meeting at the Conservative Party Conference organised jointly by the Hansard Society and the Electoral Commission.
Speakers included Sir George, Alastair Burt MP, John Bercow MP, Ann Widdecombe MP, George Osborne MP and the journalist, Melanie Phillips.
"Much to my surprise, this fringe meeting was packed out, with standing room only. Clearly, those who went to Blackpool are concerned at the degree to which people are switching off politics."
"We heard a variety of solutions; John Bercow wanted to reduce the voting age to 16; George Osborne wanted people to stop politicians patronising younger voters - they are interested in the same things as everyone else. There was general agreement that aggressive and abusive party politics was a switch off, and much support for the more consensual Oliver Letwin tyope approach."
"My presentation focussed on the use of email and the web to engage people's interest; if people want to find something out, or communicate, they will turn to the web. If you're not on it, you are at a disadvantage."
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