Broadband for Hatherden exchange area?
20 Nov 2003
BT tells me that Hatherden is now the only exchange in the North West Hampshire constituency that doesn't have a 'trigger level' for broadband. According to BT, there are only some 225 potential users and of these only 19 have registered an interest in using broadband. My own research suggests that only two people registered during September, October and November.

This means that only some form of self-help will bring broadband to households and businesses connected to the Hatherden exchange. The options are explained in my broadband campaign pages. In summary:

(a) Individual households or businesses can install satellite connection, which is fine for many purposes but has some limitations;

(b) The community or a group within it can get together to either leverage adsl (which at present costs from £35,000) or introduce a local 'community wireless' option.

It seems to me inappropriate that people and firms in our smallest communities should have to find all the resources needed to get high performance Internet while in towns and cities it is available from multiple competing sources at competitive prices with no effort at all. I continue to campaign for better deals for communities such as those served by the Hatherden exchange, as well as offering my support to local self-help initiatives where these are formed.
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