Audit Commission report on Council Tax confirms Hampshire had a raw deal, says Sir George
4 Dec 2003
Over the past twelve months, I have spoken repeatedly about the way the Government distributes Revenue Support Grant penalises my constituents in Hampshire. Ministers have repeatedly asserted that the system does no such thing.

Today, the Audit Commission blows the Government's alibi out of the water. It says

"A general pattern emerges which shows that regions in the South with lower grant increases had higher average council tax increases and councils in the Midlands and the North with higher grant rises generally had lower tax hikes."

Precisely. The Government has just published its proposals for next year, which simply replicate the existing unfairness. I raised the issue again in the House of Commons, and was told that Hampshire has done well. It has not, and the Government should now review next year's settlement in the light of the damning report by the Audit Commission.

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