Audit Commission pinpoints blame for Council Tax rises, says Sir George
7 Dec 2003
Sir George Young, MP for NW Hants, pointed to a new report published by the local government watchdog, the Audit Commission, on council tax increases. The independent survey cites burdens imposed by central government and changed grant distribution as the cause of soaring tax bills, rather than due to the decisions of individual councils.

“This independent report confirms what local residents have suspected all along: the year-on-year council tax rises since 1997 are the fault of the Labour Government who have changed the system of local funding, raising taxes - but hoped that local councillors would take the blame.

“Since Labour came to power, council tax in Test Valley has gone by up £415 a year on Band D bills. By contrast, under the last Conservative administration, council tax rose only by a mere £192. It’s official - Whitehall has changed local funding to take resources from away from good councils such as Test Valley, forcing local authorities to increase taxes to prevent cuts in frontline public services. "

"The figures for the Basingstoke and Deane part of my constituency are very similar; £398 under Labour and £204 under the Conservatives."

A future Government should return to Hampshire the money we have lost."

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