Barclays gives £10,000 to Testbourne School
12 Dec 2003
Sir George and Trish Long with Testbourne pupils
Sir George and Trish Long with Testbourne pupils
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Sir George Young met Liz Wylie, Head of Expressive Arts at Testbourne who is running a new project funded by Barclays Bank together with some of the pupils who are taking part in the initiative. Trish Long, Local Business Manager for Barclays, came with the all-important cheque for £10,000.

"The school won a £10,000 Barclays New Futures award to set up a community music project with their five main partner schools, Whitchurch Primary School, Overton Primary School, Long Parish Primary School, Barton Stacey Primary School and St Mary Bourne Primary School. Senior pupils at the school will work with the head of music to organise a community music ensemble. Pupils from the different schools will work and practice together and in turn provide enjoyment and activities for other sectors of the community."

"£10,000 is a very substantial sum of money and I commend Barclays for their initiative. Music is already very strong at Testbourne - ansd this will strengthen it further, and enable the primary schools that feed the school to benefit as well."

Now in its ninth year, Barclays New Futures encourages students to become active citizens by supporting them in tackling issues which affect them and their community. All winning projects are student-led enabling the participants to develop key skills for life and work as well as giving them the opportunity to take citizenship out of the classroom and into their community.

Trish Long, Local Business Manager said: At Barclays we are committed to the community and I am delighted that we have been able to support this excellent project.

In picture from left to right Sophie Wanless, Joe Paxton, Paige Cameron, GY, Jasmin-Davey-Corrigan, Trish Long, (Local Business Manager Barclays) Hannah Jelliman and Annie Wilgar
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