Sir George visits Andover Sorting Office
19 Dec 2003
Sir George was up at 6am to visit the sorting office at Andover and to talk to the postmen and women before they went out on their rounds.
"The amount of local knowledge in the Andover sorting office is truly amazing. Some postmen have been doing the same round for 20 years and know every inch of their territory and all the people the deliver to."
"I was pleased to hear that all the cyclists now have to wear crash helmets and I am sure this will encourage others to do the same."
"The local postal service is very good - I did nopt have one complaint about it in the past 12 months."
Sir George was taken round by the Sorting Office Manager, Sean Board, and met his local postman, Jim Robertson
Jim Robertson, Sean Board and GY
Jim Robertson, Sean Board and GY
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