Village Evenings take off at the Mole
29 Dec 2003
GY, Warren Gilchrist, Graham Titterton and Dr Turner
GY, Warren Gilchrist, Graham Titterton and Dr Turner
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Over the past years, Monk Sherborne has lost its Post office and its village shop. The only remaining retail outlet has been the pub - The Mole. But it has not proved to be that popular a venue, with only a small clientele and few of them local.
In the autumn, a new licensee arrived - Graham Titterton. Together with some leading lights from the village, including Warren Gilchrist and local GP John Turner, they launched "Village Evenings" on the last Monday of each month. These have been a great success - with some 80 people turning up on the first one.
"This shows that a well-run pub can be the focal point of the village - not only creating a viable business, but also providing an agreeable venue where one can meet the neighbours informally. When I looked in, I could hardly get in at the door".

"With some village pubs under threat, a village evenings can be a useful event, to complement the more usual pub quizzes and karaoke evenings. Well done Monk Sherborne!"
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