Broadband over our electricity service?
19 Jan 2004
What I believe to be England's first regular service delivering broadband Internet across the electricity network has been launched in Winchester, close to my North West Hampshire constituency. In principle this could solve the problem of providing broadband to people and companies in rural areas outwith the reach of ADSL. Although this pilot offering is a little more expensive than the most competitive ADSL services, it promises higher performance, with 'up to' 1 megabit per second, with the same speed in each direction, making it more appropriate for some uses, such as video conferencing. I'd like to know more about what is meant by 'up to' and the factors governing the performance users actually experience. The supplier (Southern Electric, see web link) claims 'lower contention ratios than other suppliers'.

For more background on broadband and the different methods available, look at my Broadband Campaign pages.
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