Burghclere, St Mary Bourne close to Broadband target
24 Jan 2004
Homes and businesses within reach of the Burghclere and St Mary Bourne exchanges are now close to getting a BT commitment to deliver broadband. Registrations in Burghclere have reached 145, and St Mary Bourne 141, against in each case a 'trigger level' of 150. Activity in St Mary Bourne has accelerated sharply during the winter, with 76 new registrations in the past four months.

Meanwhile Hurstbourne Tarrant reached its target this week and is waiting for BT to announce the date when the exchange will be enabled. Dates have already been set for Abbotts Ann (18th February) and Grateley (21st April). On current form one might expect the Hurstbourne exchange to be enabled about June.

With Kingsclere getting wireless Internet through local community action, this leaves just three exchange areas in the constituency with a significant gap to overcome. These are:
  • Hatherden, where BT has not set a trigger level, and where registrations stand at 41, more than half of these being added in the last four months.
  • Linkenholt, with 36 registrations against a target of 100, but currently only adding one registration a month; and
  • Headley, where 35 new registrations in four months have brought the total to 114 against a target of 150.

Hatherden is one of only 14 exchanges across the whole of South East England without a registrations target.

There are, of course, still many people whose local exchange has been or will be enabled but who are too far from the exchange to get broadband. The campaign goes on!
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