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2 Feb 2004
Constituents and others made a new record total of more than sixteen thousand visits to my web site during January 2004, 500 more than the previous record set only in December and an annualised growth rate of about 60%.

The news pages seem to be most popular - news items were looked at no less than fifteen thousand times during January - nearly half the total number of page views.

A high proportion of visitors seem to be 'regulars', since most people seem to come direct to the site rather than via a search engine. However, those with an interest in such things may like to know that among the search engines Google now wins hands down, with about five times as many referrals as Yahoo. Each month I learn about new sites that have listed mine; not sure what to make of the fact that this month two referrals came from a search engine called 'devilfinder'!
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