Andover Learning Project is evaluated
26 Feb 2004
Mayor Pat West with Jean Lannie - AFL Co-ordinator
Mayor Pat West with Jean Lannie - AFL Co-ordinator
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Cllr Ian Carr opens the session
Cllr Ian Carr opens the session
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The Learning and Skills Council funded a project in Andover using funds from the European Union. The project promoted lifelong learning, and involved agencies in Andover working together and with schools to develop opportunities for learning and to develop people's knowledge, understanding and skills throughout all stages of their life. It was evaluated by Supporting Change Ltd, and John Bowman presented the findings.

"This is a very successful project that has made a significant impact on its targeted beneficiaries.
The project has significantly exceeded all its output targets and, all but completed its outcomes.
It is highly thought of by the community it serves and the partners it works with. It has developed a reputation for high quality and is now beginning to share its insights with others locally and regionally.
It is characterised by thinking and practice that is innovative and "outside the box" and therefore challenging and exciting.
It is served by a highly competent and committed team of staff who enjoy considerable support from a variety of groups and institutions as well as possessing the trust of those they are working for.
It is well managed; when it becomes aware of weakness or is
dissatisfie, it evolves and is keen to improve.

The real impact is on the attitudes to learning that pervades those areas of the community where it focuses its work .... It has reached more than it aimed to. Community responses have been positive and their perceptions indicate that their sense of well-being has increased and their thirst for more is growing."

The full report is available from:

AFLP, Longmeadow Centre, Cricketers Way, Andover SP 10 5DE

"I think Jean Lannie has done a tremendous job as the co-ordinator in driving the project forward." said Sir George
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