Broadband entry costs down
2 Mar 2004
BT has joined PlusNet in offering a standard speed (512kbps download) ADSL broadband service at under £20 per month. At the time of writing (3 March 2004) the main difference appears to be that BT's offer restricts the download volume to a maximum of 1 gigabyte (Gb) a month, while PlusNet make no such restriction, though their conditions do say that their service "is offered for residential use only", suggesting that they at least make some assumptions about usage - I was unable to find terms and conditions at their website. 1Gb a month equates to 30-40Mb a day, and should be more than enough other than for users who are surfing continuously 24/7!

PlusNet's service also includes web space and email addresses.

At the time of writing the BT low price service ("Broadband Basic") had not yet appeared on their consumer marketing website, only in a press release. Of course the real catch in all this is that only those close enough to an ADSL-enabled exchange can benefit from price competition for the service; I continue to campaign for better arrangements for all our rural areas!
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