Gorgeous in Grey!
3 Mar 2004
Anagram Genius
Anagram Genius
When you run a web site it's important to make sure you can be found easily, which means checking the results of search engines.

I'm impressed by the new technology now in use by Yahoo!, where a search for 'sir george young' now produces this website as its first 'hit', and as its second an anagram generator which reveals that:

"Rearranging the letters of 'Sir George Young' . . . gives: Gorgeous in grey."

I was moved to test the accuracy of this obviously astute system:

"Michael Howard" produces "I, who charm, lead".

But the system is not universally so respectful, since

"Members of Parliament" in general turn out to be "Pantomimers: mere flab"

and can it be possible that

"The House of Lords" should be a "Household of rest"?

I couldn't possibly reveal what it says about "Labour Members of Parliament" - you will have to look for yourself!
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