Sir George welcomes Vehicle Excise Duty Clampdown in Hampshire
22 Apr 2004
Sir George has welcomed the Department for Transport’s plans to reduce the number of unlicensed vehicles in his constituency.

“People who drive without having bought a tax disc are not only avoiding tax and thereby pushing up what the rest of us pay; but many of them are also committing other motoring offences – such as driving without insurance. I welcome this short and intensive campaign to combat VED evasion – and the information that it’s on its way may hopefully encourage those without a tax disc to buy one quickly!”

Sir George also welcomed the van based automatic number plate reader, which will also be in the area.

“I spent time in a similar van recently in Southampton, which automatically scans number plates of moving traffic and, with the help of police motorcyclists, then stops those who are driving untaxed vehicles. I hope this will also reduce VED evasion, as well as possibly helping solve other crimes. The unit in Southampton found that some of the vehicles being driven untaxed were driven by people who were of ‘interest to the police’”.
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