ADSL to reach more homes and businesses
22 Apr 2004
Angry Phone Man - logo of my broadband campaign
Angry Phone Man - logo of my broadband campaign
I met with a BT director this week to discuss the two exchanges in my constituency that are not yet adsl-enabled, Kingsclere and Hatherden.

One piece of good news, now confirmed in a formal BT press release, is their expectation that by the end of 2004 the 'reach' of ADSL from exchange to customer will have increased from today's typical 6 kilometres to "10 kilometres or more".

This will have a very positive impact for many people and businesses where the exchange is enabled but the premises are too far to get ADSL. However it doesn't help either Kingsclere or Hatherden, unless and until ADSL arrives at their exchanges.

Some Kingsclere residents already have broadband, through a "wireless" network in the village, supplied by FDM with support from the South East England Development Agency, and a meeting earlier this week looked at ways to extend this, as well as improving the quality of service, which for some people has been a problem. But I will continue to work at getting ADSL for all exchanges in the constituency - the ideal would be for all of us to have the option of ADSL or alternatives such as satellite or wireless.
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