Sir George backs Shelter's Campaign for Children
20 Apr 2004
Sir George with some of the Shelter children, launching the campaign at Westminster
Sir George with some of the Shelter children, launching the campaign at Westminster
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Along with MP's from all Parties, Sir George attended the launch of a new campaign to highlight the consequences for children of bad housing.

"The Campaign will highlight the effect bad housing and homelessness has on the health, well-being and educational opportunities of our children. I know from my own advice bureau just how damaging bad housing can be, and so I am delighted to support the campaign."

Extract from Shelter Press Release

Toying with their futures
A decent, warm, safe home should be the right of every child in this country. Over a million children do not have that right and are suffering because of it.
That is why Shelter is launching the million children campaign.
Change will only happen if the public demand action.
The UK Government, Scottish Executive and Welsh Assembly must commit to ending bad housing for the next generation of children.

Year by year, the drive to provide decent, affordable homes has slipped down successive governments' agendas.
We cannot afford for this to continue.
It is time for us to re-evaluate priorities. Solving the housing crisis will need significant investment and this will affect us all. But this crisis is already taking an enormous toll on our society:
• Children in bad housing are growing up without the health and education that they need to realise their potential and contribute to our economy in the future.
• Whole areas of our towns and cities are blighted by the long-term effects of neglected housing estates, suffering from chronic levels of high unemployment, addiction, poverty and lack of aspiration.
• We are wasting millions of pounds on unnecessary NHS spending.

Five point plan to solving the housing crisis:
• More investment for new homes
Shelter's research shows that we need to dramatically increase investment in building new homes for people who need them.
• More investment to improve homes in disrepair
Poor conditions must be addressed and local councils need the resources to be able to do this.
• Better regulation of landlords
More effective regulation of private landlords would ensure rented homes are safe, in decent condition and secure. We need to create a private rented market that provides stable homes for people on lower incomes.
• More support services to prevent homelessness
Services that help prevent people becoming homeless in the first place, such as advice and ongoing support, need to be made more widely available and better targeted.
• Neighbourhoods that secure children's health and well-being
Children need to feel safe in their neighbourhoods and have the space they need to grow and play. We need to invest to ensure all neighbourhoods give children the best start in life.

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