Sir George attends Whitchurch Healthcheck Day
24 Apr 2004
Sir George with Whitchurch Mayor Barry Jackman and Susan Flawith
Sir George with Whitchurch Mayor Barry Jackman and Susan Flawith
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Sir George looked in at the Parish Hall in Whitchurch to see how their Healthcheck was getting on.

"This Healthcheck - see below - is not about the physical health of folk in Whitchurch, which I hope is fine. It is about the health and future of the town. I enjoyed talking to Susan Flawith, the Market Town Project Officer for Whitchurch, about the project, which is giving residents an opportunity to influence the future of their hometown."

"I met organisers of the popular Youth Club, based at Testbourne School; but at the moment, they can only operate one day a week. It would be splendid if they could do more. It would also be good to get some of the HGV's out of the narrow roads in the town."

Factsheet prepared by Susan Flawith.

The healthcheck team at Whitchurch are holding an Open Day at the Parish Hall for the residents of Whitchurch. The aim is to consolidate the public consultation, that has been occurring in the town over the past few months, with a display of projects that could be undertaken to improve the town and its facilities. Project details will be on display, with coloured stickers for people to say whether they would like to see a particular project go ahead or not. Various vision statements will be on display for the public to decide which one is best for Whitchurch. Flip charts and post it pads will be available for people to make comments.

The market towns healthcheck is an initiative by the Countryside Agency “ to meet the needs of local people and to provide access to a wide range of retail, leisure, professional and public services.”

The healthcheck project is now coming to its conclusion. We have had an Information Day at the Silk Mill and Open House Event, followed by a questionnaire. Various Healthcheck team members and local clubs have helped to complete the Worksheets and the team have used all these results to draw up an Action Plan and Vision for the town.

The healthcheck involves all ages and sections of the community. The healthcheck process will enable the community to understand their strengths and weaknesses and devise a shared but achievable vision for regeneration and revitalisation.
The action plan directs resources and effort to achieving real improvements and projects. They are influential in the public authority decision making process.

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