Good news from BT
27 Apr 2004
Angry Phone Man - logo of my broadband campaign
Angry Phone Man - logo of my broadband campaign
Scarcely was the ink dry on my missive to BT asking them to reduce the ADSL trigger number at Kingsclere than they produced a news release saying that all exchanges will now be enabled, "except for the very smallest which between them account for less than 100,000 premises". Very good news for Kingsclere, especially when coupled with the expectation that ADSL will, this year, be offered up to ten kilometres from an exchange, rather than the present six or seven.

Sadly, I fear that "the very smallest" may include Hatherden, making this the only exchange in the constituency with no promise or expectation of ADSL. There is however an expecation that BT will release a local wireless product later this year. I'm seeking clarification on the status of Hatherden and will continue to pursue this.
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