Sir George seeks guarantees on Whitchurch Post Office
5 May 2004
Following reports last week that there was a risk that Whitchurch might lose its Post Office, Sir George wrote to Royal Mail seeking assurances that the town would not be without a Post Office.
"My fears were confirmed by a letter I received from Tesco today, confirming that "we have reluctantly reached the conclusion that we cannot retain the post office in the store itself"
The letter goes on to say that they are doing all they can to ensure that "the community in Whitchurch benefits both from a great new Tesco Express and a local post office"
They have told me that they will provide substantial help to interested parties to help with the application process; and they will provide generous financial support to suitable candidates to relocate the post office.
They also say they will offer all the existing staff jobs in the new store, and will be recruiting new staff.
I am in touch with Tesco, asking for an assurance that the existing Post Office will not close until the new one is up and running; and that it should be in as accessible a position in the town as the existing one; and offer at least the same range of services and open at least as many hours per week."
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