"Let's keep North West Hampshire warm and healthy!” says Sir George
11 May 2004
“Warm Front grants are helping the people of North West Hampshire live in warmer, healthier homes,” says Rt Hon Sir George Young Bt MP for North West Hampshire. Research shows that warmth and good health are linked. Warm Front grants of up to £2,500 per household towards heating and insulation work are available to help keep homes warm, healthier and more energy- efficient. People in rural constituencies often miss out on government grants such as this. As we come into warmer weather, now is the time to apply. “Let's get North West Hampshire healthy and warm before winter comes round again!”

Rt Hon Sir George Young Bt MP was commenting on the latest annual figures provided by Eaga Partnership, Warm Front Manager, detailing the amount of grant funded heating and insulation work done in North West Hampshire.

130 residents in North West Hampshire have benefited, since April 2003, from energy saving as a result of the Warm Front government grant to improve the heating and insulation in their homes.

£136,168.13 of Warm Front funding has been spent in the North West Hampshire helping local residents keep healthy, save energy, cut the cost of their fuel bills and keep their homes warm throughout the year .

Eaga Partnership has reported 10 households in North West Hampshire have benefited from a brand new central heating system and a further 18 have received repairs to broken or condemned boilers. A further 100 households will make savings from having their home insulated.

To qualify, householders need to own their own home or rent it from a private landlord, and they also need to be in receipt of an income or disability related benefit. Local residents can contact the Warm Front Team on 0800 316 6014 to apply for a grant.

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