Sir George wins champagne for essay
12 May 2004
Sir George with Fiona Fountain, Charity Logistics<br>on the Terrace of the House<br>with champagne
Sir George with Fiona Fountain, Charity Logistics
on the Terrace of the House
with champagne

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Charity Logistics - a company that provides services for charities - challenged MPs to write a short light-hearted piece about the life on an MP. E-politix, which hosts MPs' websites, co-ordinated the competition.
50 MPs entered and Sir George was judged the winner for his piece - a spoof following press stories that football results could not be reported if one side won by too big a margin.
(The piece can be seen on the website under "On a lighter note", along with other anecdotes)

"I am grateful to Charity Logistics for their generosity with the champagne - and also for the competition. Everyone knows politicians can be serious - it is important that people can see we are also human."
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