Sir George meets residents at Pen Wood
1 Jun 2004
Sir George in Pen Wood, discussing plans for a motorbike rally
Sir George in Pen Wood, discussing plans for a motorbike rally
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Residents near Pen Wood are concerned that the Forestry Commission may grant consent for a motorcycle rally in the Wood in July.
"No event of this nature has ever been held in the wood, and there is understandable concern that the character of the wood may be about to change. It is a peaceful place where people can go for walks, exercise their dogs and, if they have a permit, ride their horses. There is plentiful wildlife in the area, and it is fairly inaccessible."

"I understand the argument about recreation and the need for the Forestry Commission to generate more income; but there should be some places that retain their peace and quiet. If this is granted a licence for a rally, it will be more difficult to stop unauthorised use of the site by motorcycles in the future."

Sir George said residents also doubted whether appropriate arrangements could be made for access and parking. "There is a single track road to a small carpark; no way could this accommodate several hundred cars and trailers."

Sir George said the Forestry Commission had not handled the application well. "They failed to consult some of those most closely affected; and it seems they granted permission in principle at an early stage, while residents believed no decision had been taken."

One or two people who supported the application also met Sir George on the site. "They were listned to with respect. I don't think there is opposition to events such as the one planned, so long as they take place at a suitable venue."
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