Good results for Tories in North West Hants
11 Jun 2004
The results in the Basingstoke & Deane elections in North West Hampshire showed the Conservatives holding all their existing seats, most with bigger majorities, and coming close in Tadley South.
Overall in the borough, the Conservatives won 2 seats and have the same number of seats as the Labour and LibDems combined - 28. The balance is held by four Independents.
"It would have been marvellous to have picked up three more seats to give us a working majority - and no one has worked harder than the Leader, Cllr John Leek, to bring about that result."

"The result is clearly a vote of no confidence in the ruling LibDem/Lab coalition, which has lost seats to the Conservatives."

Sir George said it was difficult to work out swings in North West Hampshire because the Conservative Party was the only one of the three main parties that fought all the seats this time as well as last time. "It is easy for the other parties to say their share of the vote has gone up, if they fought seats this time that they didn't fight last time. All one can do is show the swing in the wards which had the same contestants in the two elections. This is shown below. Once again, the Conservatives were the only party to put up candidates in all the North West Hampshire Wards."

Sir George said he was particularly pleased at the good result achieved by the Deputy Mayor - Gwen Richardson - in Oakley. "Gwen is very popular and will make a first class Mayor. Her huge majority shows the value of a hard-working local incumbent as the candidate."
He was also pleased that Su Peters comfortable saw off a LibDem challenge in her Rooksdown Ward, one of a small number targetted by the LibDems.

"Frankly, we didn't see very much of them in most of the wards. And where they tried to take seats off us - as in Burghclere and Rooksdown - they fell well short. Their candidate in Tadley North held the seat, leaving it as a split ward."

The results are below, with the results for 2002 alongside

Baughurst 2004 (2002)

Sheila Allen (Con) 558 (496)
Christina Elkins (LD) 281 (262)

1.2% Swing from LibDems to Con


Andrew Hewitt (Con) 502 (574)
Anthony Davies (LD) 386 (128)

25.2% Swing from Con to LibDem

Highclere and Bourne

Horace Mitchell (Con) 736 (725)
Keith Watts (LD) 360 (373)

1.2% Swing from LibDems to Con

Oakley & North Waltham

Gwen Richardson (Con) 1625 (1378)
John Burbidge-King (LD) 539 (396)
David Cavanagh (Lab) 200 (257)

1.0% swing from LibDems to Con


Su Peters (Con) 231 (189)
Andrew Hood (LD) 132 (0)
Labour - (82)

Comparison not possible

Sherborne St John

John Leek (Con) 695 (684)
Cavanagh (Lab) 112 (161)
Lessware (LD) 177 (-)

Comparison not possible

Tadley North

William Hipgrave (Con) 741 (705)
Warwick Lovegrove (LD) 1176 (962)

3.6%% from Con to LibDem

Tadley South

David Leeks (Ind) 668 (902)
Andrew Giles (Con) 556 (724)
Robert Cross (Lab) 167 (310)

2.4% from Ind to Con

On the national results, Sir George said the Government had clearly had a bad time. "I can't remember when the Government last came third in one day's local elections. In North West Hants, where Labour stood, they had a bad time."

Sir George was hopeful of a good result in the election for the European Parliament. "UKIP have done better than last time, but they have taken votes from all parties. Indeed, Euro-sceptics in the Labour and LibDem parties have more reason to vote UKIP than Euro-sceptics in the Conservative Party."
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Next news: Sir George presents Long Service Awards in Cancer Research UK's Andover Shop

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