Euro Results in North West Hampshire
13 Jun 2004
My North West Hampshire constituency covers parts of two borough council areas, Basingstoke and Deane and the Test Valley.

The Conservatives came way ahead of the other parties in the Euro Elections in both the areas. In Basingstoke & Deane the Conservatives polled 15,648 votes, 36.6% of the total votes cast, and more than the second and third parties combined. In Test Valley, the Conservatives polled 13,119 votes, 40.7% of the total, and again more than the next two parties combined.

The complete results for each of these areas, showing all the parties and the votes cast for each party, click here:

Basingstoke & Deane
Test Valley.

Four Conservative MEPs now represent the South East England Region: Daniel Hannan, Nirj Deva, James Elles and Richard Ashworth.
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