Back-bench MP's target Rogue Diallers
23 Jun 2004

Sir George Young, Conservative MP for NW Hants and Derek Wyatt, Labour MP for Sittingbourne & Sheppey are launching a debate in Parliament about "rogue diallers" on computers and other premium rate scams, which are ripping off innocent consumers.
"We both have constituents who have been billed for calls they have never made, because a virus has been installed on their computer which dials a premium rate number. We have other cases where folk have clicked a pop-up box - without being told they would be landed with a sizeable bill for the call. We believe there is a criminal scam going on here, and we are concerned that the regulatory mechanism may be inadequate for the task. We know that, last year, two thirds of the fines levied by the regulator weren’t paid and many people who call ICSTIS cannot get through."

The MP's have been in touch with BT and ICSTIS - (the regulatory body) - but believe more needs to be done.
"BT are in effect providing a credit card facility for people to buy services over the internet - but without the safeguards for the consumer that come with a credit card purchase and without BT having any control over what is sold. And BT pay out the money long before they get it back from their customers - leaving themselves exposed to the loss."

The debate will be at 9.30am on June 29th in Westminster Hall
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