Broadband: the good news and the less good news
2 Jul 2004
Dates have now been announced by BT for ADSL-enabling all exchanges in the constituency - except Hatherden.

Headley will go live shortly - 4th August 2004. Linkenholt and Kingsclere have longer to wait - 23rd February and 4th May 2005 respectively. Now that these dates have been announced I will be following through with regional and local authorities to ensure the needs of Hatherden people are not forgotten.

Meanwhile, along with these dates BT has made a 'good news/bad news' announcement. Their prices for consumer broadband are to be reduced - good news! But there may be a sting in the tale [sic], in that BT proposes to introduce time limits and traffic (download) limits for the standard consumer service. For the moment (and untile the end of the year) these limits are indicative only. But if and when they are enforced anyone who really wants to be 'always online' may well be required to become a business customer at business prices. I'm looking into the implications . . .
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