Sir George visits Stannah Stairlifts
2 Jul 2004
David Walton, Managing Director of Stannah Stairlifts with GY
David Walton, Managing Director of Stannah Stairlifts with GY
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Sir George visited one of the town's largest employers - Stannah Lifts - to catch up with their news.
"This is a local success story - a family owned company with a leading position in the world market in stair lifts. Stannah are good employers, with very few people leaving the company. And they are totally committed to Andover - looking for extra space to cope with their expansion."
Sir George was taken round by Managing Director, David Walton and shown how chait lifts are assembled, and how new products are developed. "They invest a substantial sum in research and development to stay ahead of the competition, and to make the product even more reliable. The seats are tested to last for at least 20 years."
The company has a profit sharing scheme, with every employee getting the same bonus, depending on the company's performance. They have a good safety record and excellent industrial relations."

"As nutrition improves, so Stannah are having to widen the base of the chair for some of their markets - like the airlines."
"I welcome the charitable donations which the company makes to so many local organisations."

Sir George learned that, while demand for stair lifts is fairly evenly spread through the year, there are more orders in the autumn. "This is when people noticve the arthritis has got worse, and they need help with the stairs."
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