Sir George asks Home Secretary to withdraw offensive remarks about England
11 Jan 2000
"Jack Straw's comments constitute an amazing insult to England," said Sir George Young today. He continued:

"It is scarcely credible that a Home Secretary feels able to label the entire English nation as violent and aggressive. He should immediately withdraw these ill judged remarks.

"What is even more astounding about Jack Straw's outburst is that this problem stems from Labour's own ill conceived devolution arrangements.

"Labour have completely failed to address the fact that Scottish MPs are able to vote on legislation that applies only to England and Wales, whilst English and Welsh MPs are not able to vote on many pieces of legislation that apply solely to Scotland.

"The English have a deeply embedded sense of fair play and there is understandable concern about this injury done to England through devolution.
Only Conservatives are working to restore balance and stability to the Union in the light of Labour's constitutional vandalism.

"We have proposed our English Votes on English Laws policy which will go some way in restoring fairness to our constitutional arrangements. Whilst Tony Blair is content to ignore the injury done to England, Conservatives are working to solve the constitutional problems that Labour have created."

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Next news: Sir George leads for Opposition on Neill Report

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