Sir George recycles his Christmas cards
14 Jan 2000

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Sir George Young lent his support to the Post Office Christmas card recycling scheme at Tadley Primary School on Friday. January 14.
Children from Tadley Primary School are among more than three million children from primary schools across the country involved in the scheme in which Christmas cards are gathered for recycling to create homework reading diaries.
Nationally, there are nearly 11,000 schools taking part and special collection points are also available in 10.000 in post offices.
The Post Office handled over 2.5 billion items in the run up to Christmas this year - another record breaking Christmas.
Says Sir George Young: "I am pleased to support the Post Office Christmas card recycling scheme in which Christmas cards are turned into helpful homework reading diaries to help improve primary school children's literacy.
"It also helps stop tonnes of rubbish going to landfill which is good news for the environment too.”

* Last year over 400,000 homework diaries were sent to participating schools throughout the country as a result of the scheme, and some 1,600 tonnes of recycled paper was produced
* Customers can ring the Post Office Counters helpline on 0845 7223344 to find out which post offices are participating in the scheme.
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