Overton Conservatives hold Pre-lunch Drinks Party
25 Jul 2004
Sir George speaking in the Garden House, Steventon
Sir George speaking in the Garden House, Steventon
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Speaking at the end of the Parliamentary term, Sir George said that the current Government was just about as unpopular as any Government could get. "Whenever voters go the polls, they vote for anyone but the Government."
However, he said that while voting against the Government might make sense in European and by-elections, people would need to be more focussed at a General Election. "If people genuinely want to get rid of the Government in a General Election, it won't be enough to vote for a collection of parties of protest. The Government will simply get back by default. The only alternative Government to the Labour Party is the Conservative Party. We will need to explain that; and to convert disappointment with Labour to enthusiasm for us."
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