Sir George backs CAB recruitment drive
6 Sep 2004
Sir George with Constance Moss at Safeways
Sir George with Constance Moss at Safeways
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Sir George joined volunteers from Andover CAB in Safeways, to raise the profile of the CAB and to encourage others to volunteer.
"As life becomes more complicated, so more and more people look to the CAB for free, professional and impartial advice. It can be on tax credits; on mis-selling of pensions and Equitable Life; on adoption law; naturalisation; the Child Support Agency. Anything. And I know from the people I see at my Advice Bureau how much they value this local service."
"But Andover needs more volunteers to cope with the workload; i hope some of these we spoke to at the check-out will look at the leaflets and consider giving it a go. The CAB is a charity, and 90% of its staff are volunteers. It also needs funding so it can carry on delivering a high quality service."

For further information, contact Andover CAB on 01264 365534
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