Andover CAB has Diamond Jubilee Draw
28 Jan 2000

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The Diamond Jubilee Draw at Andover CAB took place on Friday, Jan 28th, with the Mayor of Test Valley, Cllr Marion Kerley drawing the winning tickets. £1400 was raised, announced Mrs Mary Tullett, Chairman of the Management Committee. This will go towards buying a set of computers for the CAB, so that there is eventually one in each consultation room.
Alison Needham explains to Sir George how the computer based system works. “I asked some questions about benefit entitlement and the necessary questions all came on screen. A process that could have taken half an hour using conventional handbooks and forms took about five minutes. But it brought home to me how complicated the benefit system is. We must make further efforts to simplify it.”
“I was delighted to hear that more advisers are being trained, and will shortly be available to reinforce the high quality service that is currently available.”
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Next news: Sir George intervenes in local health debate.

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