Andover Ambulance Station; Sir George goes into bat
11 Oct 2004
Following the story in last week's Andover Advertiser (October 8th), Sir George has written to the Chief Executive of the Hampshire Ambulance Service asking for further details of the proposals.

"If someone in Andover needs to go by ambulance to a hospital, it currently takes about half an hour. The ambulances are based in Andover, and they go down the A34 to Winchester. However, if the ambulances were not based in Andover, then the time to respond and take someone to hospital could be substantially greater. I have asked Mrs Severgnini whether the impetus for change is to save money, or whether the objective is to improve the quality of the ambulance service. We keep on being told that extra money is being invested in the NHS, yet it seems that measures such as this are being floated in order to make savings. No wonder people in Hampshire are cautious about believing all the boasts from Ministers about investment in the NHS."

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