Sir George presents certificates to Kingsclere volunteers
23 Oct 2004
Rachel Theaker, Bob Newbury, Sylvia Pennington, GY, Diana Tait, Richard Hannay
Rachel Theaker, Bob Newbury, Sylvia Pennington, GY, Diana Tait, Richard Hannay
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The Fieldgate Centre in Kingsclere hosted an Open Day for the village's voluntary organisations and societies, at an initiative sponsored by the Parish Council.
Cllr Alan Denness, Chairman of the Parish Council, invited Sir George to present certificates to seven volunteers for their contribution to the village.
"I was enormously impressed by the breadth of voluntary organisations in the village - covering environmental, educational, sporting, health, artistic, musical and children's interests. And many of the organisations were very ambitious in their work -for example the Kingsclere Heritage Association recently helped to excavate a Roman farm at Tidgrove Warren."
"Voluntary organisations are crucial, linking those who want to volunteer and put something back into the community with those who need help and support beyond that available from statutory services; and also helping people to unlock their full potential."
Recipients of certificates included Rachel Theaker, Trustee and Chairman of the Kingsclere Charities; Bob Newbury who, amongst other activities for the village, has looked after the fabric of St Mary's Church for 20 years; Sylvia Pennington, President of the local WI and a volunteer driver for elderly and handicapped people; Diana Tait, who swims for charity, is Membership Secretary to the Garden Club and writes for the Tower; and Richard Hannay who has supported Kingsclere Youth Football since it started.
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