Local quilters support Chernobyl survivors
22 Jan 2005
GY, Dee Fenton, Cllr Pat West, Cherie Lumsden, Kim Fay
GY, Dee Fenton, Cllr Pat West, Cherie Lumsden, Kim Fay
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Grenville Quilters hosted a Chernobyl Quilt Day at Grateley Village Hall which was "buzzing with manic women having fun and making quilts" (Their words not mine!)

"Early in 2004 Cherie Lumsden was told that a local Baptist Church was bringing over a group of children from Chernobyl and she thought it would be a nice idea if each child went home with a quilt."
Grenville Quilters booked Grateley Village and along with some members of Sprat and Winkle Quilters, North Hants Quilters and ladies from the Church made quilts.
The group have continued to help Chernobyl children and this year got sponsorship from Franklin's Sewing Machine Shop, Anton Lodge and Sealock Ltd.

"There was a lot of activity in Grateley Village Hall, and Pat West and I enjoyed meeting the ladies and looking at their designs. The quilts were very cheerful and also educational, and hopefully will be happy souvenirs of the childrens' visit to England."

"The totals for the day were marvellous; 36 quilt tops ready for quilting. The "reverse busking/karaoke" and lunchtime auction raised £50.00 for the Tsunami appeal - and the record time for making a quilt top was 1hour.20mins."
In the photo, Pat West is holding Ann Ohlenschlager's quilt.
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