Sir George congratulates Tadley CAB on partnership status
1 Feb 2005

Tadley CAB has been successful in bidding under the Government’s Pension Service Partnership Fund for a scheme to promote the take-up of older people’s benefit (see below).

“I know from my personal contact with Tadley CAB that they give high quality independent advice, and their success in the above scheme has confirmed that.”

Sir George Young MP
House of Commons 25 January 2005

Dear Colleague

The Pension Service Partnership Fund

I am pleased to inform you that the following applicant(s) within your constituency has (have) been successful in the bidding process for the above fund:-

CAB, Tadley & District, Tadley

The Pension Service Partnership Fund is a unique scheme to enhance and build on our working relationships with the Government's partners in the voluntary and community sector, including local authorities.

The Fund of £13m will provide up to two years' funding to partners to undertake mainly local initiatives which will improve the take-up of older people's benefits, particularly by hard to reach groups. Its aims were developed in consultation with members of the DWP Partnerships Against Poverty group, a joint forum which includes national representatives from organisations such as Help the Aged, Age Concern and the Local Government Association.

I hope that you will join me in supporting these initiatives which will foster better working relationships at local level leading to improved customer service and enriched quality of life for our older people.

Yours faithfully

Malcolm Wicks MP

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Next news: Sir George supports Ethical Tea Partnership

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