Sir George pays tribute to County Councillor Don Allen
13 Feb 2005
"I was very sorry to hear that Don died on Saturday, and my thoughts are with Sheila and her sons. While we knew Don had not been well, I didn't know how serious his illness had become.
Don had a passion for education - his life was totally committed to fighting for the resources which the county's schools needed. As Executive Member for Education and, before that, as Chairman of the Education Committee, he was determined to drive up standards in the County's schools, and he worked long and hard to this end, even when his health was telling him to slow down.
I know from canvassing with him in his ward in the north of the County how popular he was locally - and how hard he worked for those who shared their problems with him.
His commitment to his vision of education sometimes brought him into conflict with his party and the Government - at a time when budgets were being devolved to local schools, Don was determined that a strong and enlightened Education Authority should continue to provide vital services to schools and pupils. That Hampshire is regarded as a good education authority is due in no small measure to Don. He will be greatly missed."
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