Lions Club International holds Lions Day at the UN at the House of Commons
15 Mar 2005
Sir George, Judith & John Goodchild, Richard Page MP
Sir George, Judith & John Goodchild, Richard Page MP
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This year's Chairman of the Council of Governors of Lions Club International is a North West Hampshire constituent of Sir George's - John Goodchild who lives in Tadley and works for AWE.
"John is three quarters of the way through his busy year of office, ably supported by his wife Judith. UN Day at the House of Commons is an opportunity for Lions International to put their goods in the shop window, and also for members to meet thir local MP. John made a great speech about the work of Lions International."

LIONS DAY AT THE UNITED NATIONS (Extract from Programme)

Lions Day at the United Nations is used each year to celebrate the special relationship that exists between the United Nations and Lions Clubs International (LCI). The relationship originates from our founder, Melvin Jones who in 1945, together with two Lion colleagues, was invited to write some of the non-governmental sections of the United Nations Charter. It is therefore not surprising that the first objective of the UN is very similar to our own first objective: “To create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world”.

Lions have always worked closely with the UN, since its inception and today have joint projects with UNICEF and UNESCO. With nearly 1.4 million members spread through 193 different countries of the world, we are well placed to operate in partnership with these organisations. Also each year, in conjunction with the UN, LCI organises a world wide peace poster competition for young people in the 11 to 13 age range. The winner of the British Isles and Ireland competition (judged by the Countess of Wessex in December 2004) will receive their award at the Lions day at the United Nations event to be held in the House of Commons in March 2005 by which time, the winning entry will already have been forwarded into the international competition. The World wide winner will receive their prize at a meeting of the UN General Assembly in New York on 11 March 2005. As in previous years, Lions will be hosted at the UN on 11 March and there is an opportunity for Lions worldwide to attend this special day.

The Lions Clubs of the British Isles and Ireland are most grateful to their members who are also MPs for having sponsored their celebration at the House of Commons for several years. At this year's event there will be a speaker from a member of the Government, a Director of a UN Agency, and a representative of a non Governmental Organisation working in international aid and development, as well as a presentation to the winner of our Peace Poster competition.

Many Lions also use the occasion to meet with their MPs to discuss both local and international issues and to raise awareness of the activities of Lions Clubs, both in local constituencies and the wider world.

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